The Rise of Kayak Tournament Fishing: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Bass Fishing

The Rise of Kayak Tournament Fishing: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Bass Fishing
If you love competitive fishing, you should seriously consider participating in a kayak bass tournament this summer.  Let me tell you why.
The cost of living in America is very high and on the rise.  This makes it even harder to compete as a competitive bass angler.
Nitro bass boats and Ranger boats look great, but they are cosssstly!  
Let's delve into the costs associated with acquiring a new bass boat for top-tier competition.  
On average, the expense is around $50,000, and this doesn't even include the additional investment in cutting edge fish-finding technology for that competitive edge you will need to compete.
Livescope sonar imaging may enhance your chances, but it doesn't guarantee victory.  The long and short of it is - the upper echelon of boat bass fishing events demand a considerable financial commitment.  
So you better have yourself together if you get an invitation to compete against the elite, such as the Bass Pro Tour (Major League Fishing) and Bassmaster B.A.S.S. Nation Series.
Could kayak tournament fishing be the alternative to participating in bass fishing competitions you're looking for?  The answer is an emphatic "YESSSSSS!"

It's way less expensive and just as much fun for the avid fishermen.  Here are 3 good reasons to seriously consider kayak bass tournaments this summer:
1)  Kayaks cost way less than bass boats.  Bass boat average cost around $50k, while kayaks range from $1.5k to $4.5k.
Although, brands like Hobie (the Rolls Royce of fishing kayaks) are somewhat expensive (premier version costs $4,500), you don't have to reach that high.
You can find excellent kayaks at an average cost of $1,500, and they get the job done on a comfortable platform for competing at the highest level. FeelFree Lure 11.5
2)  You can still win a nice check in kayak bass tournaments.  Notable events in the world of kayak bass tournaments include the Bassmaster Kayak Series and the Hobie Bass Open Series, where first-place payouts reach around $9,000.
3)  Kayaks are easy to store and easy to transport. While the logistics of transporting a bass boat may be challenging, the versatility of kayaks offers a convenient solution. 
So, consider taking a leap this summer and participating in a kayak bass tournament, whether at the highest level or a local event in your area.
Finding an event near you is simple – explore Facebook or join a local kayak club to connect with fellow enthusiasts.  I look forward to seeing you on the lake.

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  • Jered

    Great article! A common theme I hear from anglers is that they want to “get better” before the compete in a tournament. Do it now! Most local kayak tournaments have low entry fees, but are highly educational if you pay attention. Series like the Southern Illinois Kayak Club give you the opportunity to learn from others, and challenge yourself to reach a new level. You could also listen to the Kayak Bass Connection podcast, or many others out there to pick up new skills from the tournament winners.

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