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Mudd Turd

Transform your fishing game with Reel Fast KB's 'Mudd Turd,' a precision-designed lure crafted for confidence in heavy cover. Embrace the confidence-boosting power of the 'Mudd Turd,' and redefine your success on the water. Elevate your angling experience with this game-changing lure from Reel Fast KB!

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Ripple Stick

Introducing Ripple Sticks by Reel Fast Kustom Bait—our 2019 game-changer. This versatile lure combines tradition with a twist, ideal for smallmouth fishing. The ripples accommodate medium plastic, offering unmatched adaptability. Elevate your fishing with Ripple Sticks—where innovation meets tradition in every cast!

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Ripple Fly

The Ripple Fly is a very unique semi-top water fly and give you a real-life version of what bass actually see. Traditionally the frog has been the go-to bait for early morning and late evenings. Not anymore! First time user will definitely make this a primary top water bait.

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RC Worm

Meet the RC Worm – a game-changer in bass fishing. At 4.7 inches, this lure combines the best of a helgramite and a worm, delivering an irresistible presentation. Packed with distinct helgramite-inspired features, each set includes 7 RC Worms, ensuring bass can't resist. Elevate your fishing game with the lifelike design and unmatched appeal of the RC Worm – where innovation meets success on every cast.

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Ultimate Fishing Hook

Elevate your fishing game with the PrecisionStrike Pro Series – the ultimate fishing hook! Boasting cutting-edge tech, an ultra-sharp point, and anti-rust coating, it ensures maximum durability and increased hookup ratios.

Fish in Style!

Experience unmatched comfort and style on your fishing adventures with our premium fishing apparel. Our high-performance buffs and shirts are crafted for anglers who demand the best. Stay cool, protected, and in fashion on the water. Elevate your fishing experience with gear that matches your passion. Shop now for the ultimate angling attire!