Navigating Late Ice Fishing in Wisconsin: Safety Tips and a Frozen Adventure on Petenwell Lake

Navigating Late Ice Fishing in Wisconsin: Safety Tips and a Frozen Adventure on Petenwell Lake

Josh Duzey's Frozen Adventure:

Imagine the serenity of Petenwell Lake in Northern Wisconsin during the late ice fishing season. Josh Duzey, an avid angler, recently faced the challenges of ice heaves on this frozen expanse. Despite the obstacles, he turned his late ice fishing expedition into a success, catching six walleye. Notably, he observed that the ice was **7 inches thick but not very good**, emphasizing the importance of assessing ice quality alongside thickness.

Understanding Ice Heaves:
Ice heaves, a common late-winter occurrence, result from the expansion of ice sheets due to rapid temperature fluctuations. Josh Duzey experienced these natural formations, underscoring the need for preparedness.

Safety Tips for Late Ice Fishing:
1. Check Ice Thickness:
Ensure the ice thickness is at least four inches for walking and six inches or more for ice fishing. Use an ice auger to measure thickness at various spots for uniformity.

2. Stay Informed
Monitor local weather forecasts and ice conditions. Be aware of advisories or warnings issued by authorities regarding rapid temperature changes or adverse weather conditions.

3. Carry Safety Equipment:
Always have essential safety equipment, including ice picks, a life jacket, and a throwable floatation device. Attach ice picks to your clothing for quick access.

4. Avoid Ice Heaves:
Exercise caution around visible ice heaves, navigating carefully to minimize risks. Be mindful of your surroundings and choose routes that avoid these natural formations.

Safety Resource:
For additional safety tips, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provides valuable information at [Wisconsin DNR Ice Safety Tips]

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Ice safety | | Wisconsin DNR

Late ice fishing in Wisconsin provides a thrilling adventure for anglers like Josh Duzey. By prioritizing safety, staying informed, and respecting nature's forces, you can make the most of this icy experience. As you gear up for late winter fishing, remember that **preparation and caution** ensure a safe and enjoyable time on Wisconsin's frozen lakes.

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